Bring effective, non-invasive face and body contouring to your clinic. Results as effective as surgery, with ZERO downtime or recovery.

Introducing The Eximia Concept

Here at Bianco Academy in Milton Keynes, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Eximia Concept, giving us exclusive UK rights to sell the Eximia HR77 Platinum Face and Body Contouring Machine.

We’ve been using the Eximia Concept in our Milton Keynes clinic, Bianco Beauty, for eight months, and we’re blown away by the results – as are our clients. This innovative face and body contouring treatment is designed to help clients get their bodies into shape through safe, natural methods.

Non-invasive, the Eximia HR77 Platinum is an unparalleled system that uses modern technology to achieve anti-ageing therapy and contouring of the face and body. It’s the non-surgical answer to liposuction and facelifts; you can provide it at your beauty clinic.

Why the Eximia HR77 Platinum is a Beauty Clinic Must-Have

Currently available across more than 60 countries, Eximia Concept machinery is used in some of the leading clinics across the globe, promising unparalleled performance and maximised results.

Have your clients ever spoken to you about the parts of their body they wish they could change? More specifically, parts of their body they know they could change. People are aware of liposuction and facelifts, but most have no intention of having surgery.

Good news! There’s no need to go ‘under the knife.’ The Eximia HR77 Platinum will achieve the same results without breaking the skin or the bank.

You heard us right. The Eximia Concept is a face and body contouring and sculpting system that will achieve the same results as a surgical procedure. Plus, since it’s non-invasive, there’s zero client or treatment downtime.

Leg Body Contouring

Eximia Concept for the Face

Any facial treatments require a delicate touch. Skin type and muscle tone will differ from client to client, and each treatment package needs to be individually tailored. The settings of the Eximia HR77 Platinum can be adjusted to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, and you can guarantee long-lasting results, even after a short-term procedure.

With the Eximia Concept in your clinic, you can offer a gentle, endodermal massage with a lifting effect that refreshes the complexion and rejuvenates and restores skin tissue. Wrinkles are effectively reduced, skin colour is refreshed, and a much-needed lifting effect is achieved, improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin.

Using Eximia Machine

Eximia Concept for the Body

When you purchase your Eximia HR77 Platinum through Bianco Academy, we’ll include four different handpieces, each used for a different type of treatment.

Treatment One: Microdermolift

The word ‘lift’ may invoke images of surgery, but remember, every treatment with the Eximia Concept is non-invasive.

The Microdermolift handpiece gently exfoliates the skin. Although it improves the overall tone, it’s mainly used to prepare the skin for the next stage of treatment. The Microdermolift phase encourages natural oxygenation, kickstarting skin regeneration and removing the upper layer of dead skin cells.

By starting all treatments with a Microdermolift, you will increase the overall effectiveness of the subsequent multi-polar laser poration treatment by up to 80%.

Eximia Exfoliating Handpiece

Treatment Two: LPD Light Diode Poration

This is a non-invasive and highly effective alternative to surgical liposuction. Due to the advanced technology used, this handpiece can target specific fat deposits and cellulite, allowing you to work on trickier areas of the body without any side effects.

As opposed to combining several elements that would, in surgical terms, be separate procedures, the LDP Light Diode Poration offers a modern therapeutic option, achieving far more effective results than its surgical counterparts. It involves the laser/light activation of mitochondria and intracellular injection of active fat splitting molecules, activating emulsification in fat cells without causing damage to the skin.

To break down the science: the mitochondrion is a membrane-bound cell found in every cell in our body. Its role is to power a cell’s biochemical reactions and is part of our entire biological processes.

The laser/light used is LED, so unlike laser treatments such as hair and tattoo removal, it doesn’t require you to have a Level 4 Core of Knowledge certification.

Eximia Light Handpiece

Treatment Three: Endoradiomad BP

This phase involves a unique, four-step massage perfect for targeting problematic areas of the body. During the massage, bipolar resistive radio frequency, magnetic rollers and pneumatic systems are used.

The results speak for themselves; remodelling body shape, strengthening the skin tissue to improve the overall tone, boosting collagen and elastin production, and achieving skin oxygenation.

Your clients will see the difference in their skin tone, shape, and weight immediately after treatment.

Eximia Handpiece

Treatment Four: Radioporation

The fourth handpiece, used during the final stage, acts as a non-invasive probe, exclusively designed to boost collagen and elastin in even the most inaccessible body areas. This phase is suitable for all skin types, and the results are immediately visible. Best of all, the procedure is risk-free!

The Radioporation phase stimulates the skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen and tackles cellulite, stretch marks, signs of ageing and much more.

Eximia Probe Handpiece

Purchasing your Eximia HR77 Platinum

The Eximia HR77 Platinum is available exclusively through Bianco Academy, and as part of your purchase, we’ll provide training at our clinic in Milton Keynes. There’ll be no shortage of models for you to practise on since the Bianco Beauty and Academy team are always happy to volunteer for this effective and non-invasive treatment.

Due to industry regulations and insurance purposes, you will need, at a minimum, to have an accreditation in Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology. If you’re yet to achieve this, you can do so with Bianco Academy before purchasing your Eximia HR77 and commencing the Eximia Concept training.

More information on our Level 3 & 4 Anatomy and Physiology training course in Milton Keynes can be found here.

Bianco Reception

Invest in your Business

It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of buying equipment to offer a new service. The great thing about buying with Bianco is that we use the machine in our Milton Keynes beauty clinic. We see how happy our clients are with the results and, after just eight months, are seeing a return on our investment. It also means you’ll receive the best possible training and skills to get you started.

The Eximia HR77 Platinum costs £38,000, including the training (not including Level 3 & 4 Anatomy and Physiology training if required).

We’ve also teamed up with Clear Business Finance, so you can spread the cost of your machine and protect your bottom line.

Tummy Body Contouring

Seeing a Return

Generally, a course of Eximia Concept treatment will run over seven sessions lasting either 60, 90 or 120 minutes. This would be determined during the consultation.

At Bianco Beauty, seven 120-minute Eximia Contouring Slimming Treatment sessions for the body cost £1,800. On this basis, your machine will have paid for itself after treating just twenty-one clients.

Another popular treatment with our Bianco Beauty clients is the Eximia Contouring Tightening Treatment for Face, Neck and Decolletage. Seven 90-minute sessions cost £1,500. With just 25 clients, you’ll have covered the cost of your machine.

Considering that surgical liposuction can cost anywhere from £2,000 to £6,000 per treatment in the UK, it’s no wonder the Eximia Concept is proving so popular. That and the small matter of not having any downtime or recovery because the Eximia Concept treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive.

See the treatment in action here, and if you want to learn more about the Eximia Concept and are interested in purchasing the Eximia HR77 Platinum, contact Bianco Academy today.