If you are considering undertaking or have already completed any of our courses, you will have come across the phrase CPD course. But what is a CPD course, and how does it differ from other well-known certifications? These are common questions asked at our training academy, so we have put together a guide filled with helpful information.

What Is A CPD Course? A Bianco Academy Guide

As a fully certified beauty training academy offering several CPD accredited courses ranging from Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology to Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal training, we are often asked ‘what is a CPD course?’ by our students. This article will answer this question alongside other common questions we receive surrounding CPD:

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What Are CPD Courses?

The initials CPD stand for Continuing Professional Development; this relates to the ongoing development of skills and knowledge through learning activities and new courses. CPD courses are available in a variety of sectors, including the beauty and aesthetics industry. At Bianco Academy, all of our courses are CPD certified. They are designed to consciously and proactively enhance the skills and abilities of students not only during training but also as they progress through their careers.

CPD courses are structured, practical and methodical, enabling students to enhance their knowledge and skills with a specialist trainer. As a result, you will acquire a higher-quality and more abundant skillset to offer to clients or your employer, leading to greater business opportunities.

The beauty of CPD courses is that you can begin your journey without prior experience or certifications. Our students starting from scratch with our academy will begin with their Level 3 & 4 Anatomy & Physiology and Level 4 Core of Knowledge training to offer the fundamentals before moving on to their specialist subject.

To find out more about CPD courses, take a look at The CPD Certification Service website.

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What Is A VTCT Certification?

VTCT stands for Vocational Training Charitable Trust, which refers to an organisation and examination board that offers many different certifications in a variety of industries. These certifications may be vocational or technical and include several beauty certifications, which are designed to provide those interested in having a career in the beauty industry with the skills and knowledge necessary to do so. To find out more about VTCT certifications, head over to the VTCT website.

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What Is The Difference Between CPD & VTCT?

Now that we’ve established the meaning of both CPD and VTCT, let’s compare the two.

Both course types deliver training per national guidelines set out by the Department of Health.. These guidelines state the certification requirements practitioners must meet before performing non-surgical treatments, such as laser hair removal. At Bianco Academy, we constantly refer back to these guidelines when creating our courses. This ensures that our students have the theory and practical training required to reassure their clients’ safety.

While the standards of training for VTCT and CPD courses are the same, differences in the format of each type of course mean that your lifestyle and schedule may make you more suited to either CPD or VTCT courses.

Typically, CPD courses are short and intensive. They are designed to equip you with everything you’ll need to know to carry out a particular skill safely and competently, allowing you to become insured in your chosen area of expertise. Due to its intense nature, you can complete your entire CPD theory and practical training in just a few days. CPD courses are usually used to supplement your knowledge; for example, as a beauty professional, you may use a CPD course to introduce a new treatment to your clinic or salon.

On the other hand, VTCT courses tend to be longer and form the basis of your knowledge and skill set. Many use this training to then progress onto a degree, for instance, meaning that they will have to complete several courses, exams and assessments to begin offering their new service or treatment.

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What CPD Courses Do We Provide?

At Bianco Academy, we provide CPD accredited courses of various levels to our students. All of our courses have been governed and approved, and are in accordance with the advice of leading organisations such as the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA). Led by industry experts, our courses are designed to provide our students with the practical and theoretical know-how to begin offering treatments independently and each run over one to three days.

The CPD courses that we offer are as follows:

  • Level 3 & 4 Anatomy And Physiology training – this course covers the basics of the structure and function of the human body, including an introduction to cells and tissues, as well as human ageing, and skeletal and muscular systems.
  • Level 4 Core Of Knowledge training – our Core Of Knowledge training course covers the basics of laser and IPL treatments. This includes learning about the different types of lasers used, as well as safety management and client consultation skills.
  • Level 4 Laser Hair Removal training – our Laser Hair Removal training course explores the hair cycle and the anatomy of skin tissue, as well as the mechanisms behind hair removal techniques using lasers.
  • Level 4 Scalp Micro-Pigmentation training – this course covers not only how to carry out Scalp Micro-pigmentation safely and effectively, but also the theory behind the treatment.
  • Level 4 Semi-Permanent Makeup training – our Semi-Permanent Makeup training course will teach you how to carry out this beauty treatment precisely, professionally, and safely.
  • Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation training – this course will inform you on the science behind several different Skin Rejuvenation treatments, as well as enable you to practice performing them on real-life models.
  • Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal training – our Laser Tattoo Removal course covers the theory behind this procedure, as well as how to provide professional and effective client consultations.

Our Level 3 & 4 Anatomy And Physiology course is our entry-level course and a prerequisite for all of our level 4 and above courses. Completion of the Level 4 Core Of Knowledge training course is also a requirement for some of our level 4 and 5 courses. If you are interested in any of the training courses offered here at Bianco Academy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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CPD Courses: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you are looking for reputable Scalp Micro-pigmentation training courses or require Laser Hair Removal training to kickstart your career development, Bianco Academy is happy to help. We offer CPD courses with a difference as once you have finished your training, we continue to support you in your business venture. Whether you may be opening a new clinic or taking your existing brand to the next level, we would happily visit you to help you get set up, walk you through machines and oversee your first few client appointments.

If you have any questions for us or would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, who will be more than happy to assist you.