Eximia HR77 Platinum

£38,000 including training

Ideal for both body contouring and anti-ageing therapies, the Eximia HR77 Platinum is equipped with four handpieces, allowing you to offer different non-invasive treatments via a single machine. Unlike its alternatives, the HR77 Platinum requires no downtime, which means that sessions can be completed on consecutive days.

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All four handpieces will be included in your purchase; these offer the following treatments.

Microdermolift: Designed to exfoliate the skin, the Microdermolift piece removes dead skin cells and kickstarts the rejuvenation process. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment by 70-80%.

LPD Light Diode Poration: As an alternative to surgical liposuction, LPD Light Diode Poration targets specific fat deposits and cellulite to not only create even results but also stimulate collagen production.

Endoradiomad BP: Endoradiomad BP is a four-stage massage that contours the body by producing elastin, collagen and skin oxygenation, tightening the skin and improving tone.

Radioporation: Suitable for skin types, the Radioporation piece allows less accessible areas to be reached. It is ideal for smoothing common skin concerns such as stretch marks and wrinkles.