Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

£42,000 including training

Boasting better treatment results, a longer lifespan and a strong safety profile, the Picosecond laser machine can be used on all skin types, effectively removing tattoos and skin pigmentation.


Endogenous piqmented lesion removal:Including birthmarks and Nevus of Ota (hyperpigmentation around the eye).

Epidermis pigment removal:Including age spots and Reed nevus (very dark lesion).

Tattoo removal:The 1064nm wavelength is used to remove tattoos with blue or black pigment, and the 532nm wavelength is effective on other colours, such as red.


Laser Type ND YAGPicosecond laser
Wavelength 1064nm & 532nm
Pulse duration 450-500ps ane
Spot size 2-10mm2
Pulse energy 1064nm - 100-500m
Pulse energy 32nm: 50-250m
Pulse Rate 1, 2, 5, 10Hz
Delivery System Articulated arm with zoom handpiece
Screen 10 inch Color Touchscreen
Power supply 220V-230V/SOHz-60Hz, 100V-110V/50Hz-60Hz
Cooling system Closed-off water circulation + air
Working Theory Display

Additional Information

The advanced Picosecond machine uses ND:YAG lasers in two wavelengths, 1064nm or 532nm, to achieve maximum results on all skin types. It has become the leading choice for fast, safe and comfortable skin pigment removal. This includes not only tattoos but also freckles, sun spots and pigmentation.

As the laser targets the pigment in short pulses, it travels through the epidermis into the dermis layer before being absorbed by the pigment. The high intensity of the laser causes the pigment to shatter layer by layer, becoming lighter gradually before finally disappearing.