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Balazs’s Journey:

Having worked in a gutter-clearing business throughout the UK for six years, Balazs felt he had reached his potential and was keen to explore other opportunities.
During a moment of reflection, Balazs’s partner, a talented tattoo artist, sparked an idea that would change his path forever. Clients often enquired about tattoo removal services, and Balazs saw an opportunity to embark on a new venture that would not only fulfil his aspirations but also complement his partner’s business and skills.

Balazs searched Google for training academies that could support him in his new venture. While there were some that were more local to him, impressed by the reviews from previous students, he reached out to Bianco Academy in Milton Keynes.
After receiving the training information and speaking with the team, Balazs was keen to commence his training programme as soon as possible, covering CPD Level 3 and 4 Anatomy and Physiology, Level 4 Core of Knowledge, and Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal.

The Training:

Within two weeks of his initial enquiry, Balazs started his three days of intense classroom training at Bianco Academy. Having studied the course information in advance, he immersed himself in the classroom environment. From the intricacies of human anatomy to the fundamentals of laser technology, he absorbed every lesson with enthusiasm and dedication. Balazs then returned to the Academy a week later for his practical days.

As always, Balazs spent the first day observing his mentor Bartek, working on clients for tattoo removal and laser carbon peels.  He also familiarised himself with the different laser machines available to purchase so that he could see what technology he felt comfortable with.
The second day was spent carrying out treatments on his own models under the watchful eye and guidance of the Academy’s director and mentor, Bartek.

From the outset, Balazs was confident and consistent in his treatments, offering a competent service to each of his clients, who were all very happy with the results and experience.

The End Result:

No longer bound by the confines of his previous career, Balazs has embraced every opportunity in his training with Bianco and is excited for what the future holds for his new business venture in the world of tattoo removal.
We were delighted to host Balazs for his training and look forward to continuing to support him as he takes delivery of his new Passive Q-Switch Laser Tattoo Removal Machine and Cooler at his premises and treats his very first clients at his clinic.

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Balazs’ Feedback

"I highly recommend Bianco Academy for tattoo laser removal training. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, providing comprehensive training that equips students with the skills needed to excel in the field. The hands-on approach ensures that students gain practical experience, and the supportive learning environment fosters growth and confidence. Overall, Bianco Academy is a top-notch choice for anyone looking to pursue a career in tattoo laser removal.

Additionally, Bianco Academy goes above and beyond by offering extensive support even after the training period. They are committed to their students’ success and provide ongoing guidance and assistance, ensuring that graduates feel supported as they embark on their careers. This dedication to mentorship sets Bianco Academy apart, creating a lasting relationship that extends beyond the classroom "