We’d like to say a huge congratulations to a past student of ours, Eliza Puia, who opened her own Laser Tattoo Removal in Brighton! She officially opened Silhouette Aesthetics on the 23rd June 2019, and we were there to fully support Eliza in this big step, following her successful training with us.

The salon is very sleek and modern, specialising in Laser Tattoo Removal and Carbon Mask Treatments. The opening of the salon was a huge success, with a live demonstration for tattoo removal, generating tremendous excitement around the business and salon.

After the public opening, the Bianco team were also invited to a superb Italian meal arranged by Eliza, at a local restaurant. This is where we were able to discuss growth opportunities and business strategies.

As part of the Bianco mentoring package, we continue to offer further support, which we feel is vital for our students to have. We build a community of knowledgeable, confident and highly skilled practitioners so that they can also develop their own business, just as Eliza has done.

Congratulations again Eliza and thank you for the invite. We wish you all the success possible in your new business venture.

Photos From The Training