Elena’s Journey:

Having worked in an office for almost ten years, Elena decided that she wanted to branch out into the beauty industry. After researching Training Providers within the UK, she chose to join Bianco Academy at our Milton Keynes-based training centre.

About The Training:

Before being able to complete the Level 4 Laser Hair Removal Training and Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Training, Elena needed to pass her Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Training and Level 4 Core of Knowledge Training, as this is a legal requirement.

At Bianco, all courses start with an initial theory-based presentation, allowing students to receive a basic understanding of the use of our laser technology. In this presentation, students are also taught how the lasers are used on the body, the different wavelengths, and the anatomy of the skin. We keep our course group sizes small, encouraging student participation and increased confidence, whilst ensuring that there is the opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding.

Once Elena had completed the theory-based part of the laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal courses, she moved on to the practical training. This not only gives our students the chance to put their knowledge into practice but also enables our trainers to assess their abilities and skills.

After sufficient theory and practical training, it was clear that Elena was ready to sit her exams and complete her case studies, both of which are needed to gain the qualifications. Elena was safe, competent, and confident during her practical sessions and passed both her exams and case studies – which were of very high quality.

Fully trained, insured, and set up with the Laser Tattoo Removal machine she purchased from Bianco Academy, Elena started to treat clients from a single room rented at a gym based in the centre of Northampton. As demand grew over the following year, Elena found a property of her own with the space to offer more treatments. From there, she was delighted to open her very own business, New You Beauty, in the heart of Northampton.

The Learning Journey Continues:

Keen to continue her learning and expand the offerings at her clinic, Elena joined Bianco Academy for another course, the Level 4 Scalp Micropigmentation Training, a year later. Having already completed her core, entry-level training, Elena dove straight into learning this highly lucrative treatment.

As with all training at Bianco Academy, there was a huge opportunity to carry out practical work once the theory-based training was complete.

Going The Extra Mile:

Three years on, we keep in close touch with Elena and are so happy to see her continued growth and success. We ensure that all students continue to be mentored throughout their journey, enabling them to make the most of their Bianco experience.

Student Feedback

"I am so grateful to Bianco for the last few days. I have learnt so much and feel really confident about starting my new business. I really enjoyed the whole experience."