Trainee Details

  • Name: Emilia Szweryn

Emilia’s Journey:

Emilia has been a friend of Bianco Beauty and Academy for several years, enjoying many of the treatments we offer, including laser hair removal in Milton Keynes at Bianco Beauty. A familiar face, she first discovered the benefits of semi-permanent makeup when she attended a masterclass as a model and had the treatment done herself.

A talent within the beauty industry, many of the members of the Bianco team regularly go to Emilia to take advantage of her lash extensions and the truly amazing nails she creates.

Already an artist in her own right, Emilia chose to expand on the treatments she offers by joining Bianco Academy for our Level 4 Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyebrows training in Milton Keynes.

Whilst Emilia has worked in the beauty industry for many years; this is her first step into the world of beauty aesthetics. As such, she started her journey with our Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology training course to gain this mandatory certification.

The Training:

Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology is a fundamental, one-day course and an entry-level requirement for moving on to our laser, IPL, and semi-permanent makeup courses in Milton Keynes. Students receive classroom-based learning with our expert trainer during the course, ensuring they receive a strong understanding of the essentials.

Once complete, Emilia moved on to our three-day Level 4 Semi-Permanent Makeup (Eyebrows) training course. Delivered on a one-to-one basis, this course gives you hands-on training with our award-winning Linergist and trainer, Ewelina Wysocka.

Emilia’s first day covered the theoretical aspects of semi-permanent makeup, consultations, and mapping of eyebrows, together with practising on fake skin. The following two days were spent watching Ewelina working on clients, with Emilia getting the chance to work on the models we provided.

Emilia was very confident and competent in drawing on both fake skin and the models, creating some beautiful brows that we were very impressed with.

After completing the training course, students must submit four case studies, showcasing their skills by creating semi-permanent eyebrows on the fake skin we provide. It was no surprise that Emilia’s work was exceptional, and we were delighted to issue her certificates and accreditation. We wish Emilia every success in her new venture in creating beautiful semi-permanent makeup on eyebrows!

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Emilia’s Testimonial

"I chose Bianco Academy because competent people with extensive knowledge work there, and thanks to them, I can start my new work with permanent make-up, developing and building my self-confidence at the same time. I recommend this place because there is also a very friendly atmosphere, which you can feel very comfortable in. I am very grateful that they appeared in my life! "