Trainee Details

  • Name: Fabio Ruvio

Training requirements:

After ten years of sitting at a desk in an unfulfilling office job, Fabio decided he wanted to work for himself, removing unwanted tattoos. Contacting Bianco Academy to find out more about completing his Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal training, he took his first step towards achieving his dream.

About The Training:

With no previous experience, Fabio commenced his Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology training at our Milton Keynes-based Academy in October 2020.

An intense day of training followed, covering everything from the basics up. This ensured Fabio had the knowledge required to move on to the Level 4 Core of Knowledge training and Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal training.

With just one other student on the course, the sessions were informative and interactive, with student participation encouraged throughout.

Following successful assessments with our trainer, Fabio progressed to his practical day, which he undertook in December 2020.

During training, Fabio worked under the close supervision of the trainer and practitioner, carrying out tattoo removal and laser carbon peel treatments on models. It was great to see his confidence grow as he progressed throughout the day.

By the end of his practical sessions, Fabio had demonstrated his skills and was able to practice with safety, everything he learned during his training with Bianco. We were delighted to sign off his CPD accredited certificates for his new venture.