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Hamad’s Journey:

Hamad contacted the Bianco Academy in Milton Keynes in August 2022, looking to take our Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal training course.

Working as a dermatology doctor in Ireland, with a vast knowledge and understanding of Anatomy & Physiology, and having already achieved his Level 4 Core of Knowledge in IPL and Laser, Hamad was able to take our one-day training course straight away.

As he was visiting the UK for a vacation, Hamad was keen to work the dates in to incorporate his Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal training, and Bianco Academy were delighted to be able to arrange a training date to work with Hamad’s schedule.

The Training:

Hamad joined the Academy in Milton Keynes for our one-day Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal training in October 2022; however, as all course material had been sent to Hamad in advance, he arrived with a huge understanding of the topic and was able to really make the most of his time at the Academy.

He was discussing and expanding on the material during the classroom day with our trainer on the first day. Hamad also put his knowledge into practice on the second case study day, where he was able to work on models of his own, successfully carrying out tattoo removal, laser carbon peels and removal of a cosmetic tattoo on eyebrows.

Going The Extra Mile:

Bianco Academy was pleased to have been able to accommodate Hamad’s training dates. Working with students to make the training experience as best as possible and creating an environment where students can learn comfortably is important to us!

Overall, Hamad was delighted with his training and rated us excellent in all areas, giving brilliant feedback!

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Hamad’s Testimonial

"I would like to progress to a Level 6 Ablative Laser in the near future. A brilliant course for tattoo removal, exceeding expectations!"