Trainee Details

Liah’s Journey:

After working in a corporate 9-5 job for many years, Liah wanted to change things up in her career and take on a whole new challenge.
She had no existing beauty qualifications and took her time speaking with different academies and researching her next steps before going ahead with enrollment.
Liah found Bianco Academy online and spoke with Academy Manager Catherine about everything the training would entail to take her through her entry-level certifications all the way up to Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal.
Committing to a training course in a whole new career path than what you’re used to can be scary for anyone, so Liah was offered the opportunity to come to the Academy and spend time with Director Bartek to discuss it further and learn more about laser tattoo removal.

“I left thinking, actually, do you know what? This is a great Academy. I looked at the reviews online and continued emailing Catherine and they were so accommodating. It was just fantastic.”

The Training:

As someone new to the industry, Liah was starting out with no existing beauty certifications and completed our full Laser tattoo removal course package, which includes Level 3 and 4 Anatomy and PhysiologyLevel 4 Core of Knowledge and Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal

Liah also completed 1:1 practical training with Bianco Director and Senior Practitioner Bartek, who worked with her closely as she practised her new skills on models under careful guidance. 

Liah completed back-to-back days of theory training with top-level tutors from Wynyard Aesthetics

After completing the theory training, she came back for her practical training, which was carried out on a 1:1 with Bartek. 

“Bartek showed me how things work and explained the important scenarios where situations can differ in practice from the theory. I got to observe Bartek treating clients and be assessed treating models myself. Bartek was as cool as a cucumber to be honest.”

Going The Extra Mile:

A few weeks after completing all of her training, Liah opened up her own clinic, working out of her home.
Bartek personally attended her opening day to make sure she was completely comfortable putting her knowledge into practice under her own business for the first time.

“Bartek came and did the open day with me, stood by me. When you’re in your own setting at home, things feel completely different, so to have him there was fantastic.”

Our relationship with our students doesn’t end when their training finishes and they’re set up on their own. We keep close relationships with Academy students to help them succeed moving forwards.

“Even now, I’ll send him a text if I’m not understanding something, or if there’s a tattoo that’s just been a bit random, or whatever that might be, he’s always on the other end of the line.”

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Liah’s Feedback

"If I can say anything about Bianco, it’s that they support you 100%. They’re not one of these academies that give you false promises. The people are lovely, the whole surroundings are lovely. I couldn’t recommend them enough. "

"If you’re in doubt or if you need something to sway you, let me tell you that Bianco is definitely the right choice for you."