Trainee Details

  • Name: Natalie Duff

Natalie’s Journey

Before embarking on her journey with Bianco Academy in Milton Keynes, Natalie had spent 22 years working in childcare. Focusing on Early Years Development, she worked as a deputy manager in a nursery and for herself as a childminder.

While having her own laser treatment, Natalie started to think that it could be a profession she would enjoy. Then, when she hit her milestone 40th birthday, Natalie committed to making this change. Contacting Bianco Academy in August 2021, Natalie took the first steps to start her new career, working for herself and doing something she felt would make a big difference in people’s lives.

Training Requirements

Having not worked in the beauty or laser industry before, Natalie was required to complete the Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Training and her Level 4 Core of Knowledge Training. These courses form the fundamental knowledge regarding the anatomy of the skin and the science of lasers and must be completed before moving on to our level 4 and 5 laser-based training courses.

On completing these entry-level, classroom-based courses, Natalie moved on to our Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Training course in Milton Keynes. Bianco Academy’s three-day course starts in the classroom before moving on to practical days and one-to-one mentorship. To gain her full CPD accreditation, Natalie, like all students, had to complete several mandatory case studies.

Here at Bianco Academy in Milton Keynes, we provide a range of models with varying requirements, allowing you to get the best experience possible and produce documented evidence that these case studies have been completed.

Going The Extra Mile:

Natalie got her new business venture – Liberty Laser Clinic – up and running on the 3rd of April 2022. Having purchased a second-hand laser machine from Bianco Academy, Bartek joined her in Grimsby on her opening day to provide manufacturer training and guide Natalie through her first treatments.

Such a successful day, and Natalie opened her doors to sixteen clients! With her Bianco Academy training and CPD accreditation, Natalie can legally and professionally perform Hollywood Laser Peels, remove semi-permanent makeup, and provide laser tattoo removal in Grimsby.

Contact Liberty Laser Clinic and book your free consultation today if you’re looking for laser treatments, including semi-permanent makeup removal in Grimsby.

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Student Feedback

"I can’t recommend Bianco Academy enough. I have just completed my Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal course in Milton Keynes and have loved every minute with the team. They went above and beyond with their training and were so welcoming – I felt right at home. I feel ready, motivated, and excited to go into my new profession with the knowledge that I can rely on the continued support from Bianco. You have all been an inspiration. Thank you so much!"