Trainee Details

  • Name: Piyaparn

About Our Student:

Piyaparn is one of our international students from Thailand. She owns her own salon and wanted to expand her clinic by adding Semi-Permanent Make-up to her list of expertise.

As our courses are tailored to our student’s requirements, we were able to offer Piyaparn an intense 6-day course covering Semi-Permanent Make-Up for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. As she had already successfully attended several courses of similar specification, Piyaparn was able to pick up the basic skills and actions very quickly.

About The Training:

Piyaparn started her bespoke 6-day course with her A & P training with Bartek, getting to grips with the basics of Anatomy and Physiology, providing a foundation for the next steps of her training. This first day also included an introduction to the machine and the different types of brows.

Piyaparn was able to use her previous experience and this new knowledge to make the most out of her six days. There were plenty of opportunities to practice on balloons, fake skins and live models. By the third day, she had mastered the skills needed for eyebrows and was working towards lips and eyeliner on the fourth and fifth day.

practising on fake skin
collection of the certificate

Our trainer and award-winning Semi-Permanent Make-Up artist, Ewelina, noticed how steady her hand was when practising on fake skin. This allowed Piyaparn to really utilise the practical element of the course, completing her 5 case studies within the 6-day course. Ewelina first showed the student, Piyaparn, how to carry out the treatment on a live model. She explained every step and referred back to the theory and practise that had been carried out earlier in the week.

Over the remaining two days, Piyaparn moved on to creating eyebrows, lips and eyebrows on her own models. She was closely supervised and guided by Ewelina, who was very impressed with the skill level that Piyaparn had excelled too in just under a week.

Ewelina was accompanied by Rachel and Bartek who worked alongside her side to cover some of the A&P Level 3, as well as the theory aspects of the Level 4 course. Working so closely with the other practitioners, Piyaparn had the opportunity to ask as many questions to our knowledgeable team, enabling her to further her understanding and mastery of the skill. Piyaparn’s determined nature and desire to understand and learn the subject made her an ideal student.

We would usually finish the course with a sit-down meal with the student and the team, but Piyaparn wanted to get in as much practice as possible before she returned to her salon in Thailand. We changed our usual schedule and ordered in Nando’s rather than stopping. This meant Piyaparn could finish the beautiful Semi-Permanent Make up on her live model, who was very appreciative she had put in the extra hours to complete the treatment.

We really enjoyed teaching Piyaparn as her energy, focus to learn and absorb the information was refreshing. We already know that Piyaparn is successful, and we hope this will add value to her expanding salon. Her customer service is impeccable, and we wish her all the luck in the future for her business to grow.

piyaparn certificate collection
piyaparn certificate collection

Student Feedback

"It was a pleasure to attend Level 4 Semi-Permanent Make-Up with Ewelina. I got so much new knowledge and useful skills. The facility and equipment are excellent, and everyone in the school was really nice to me. Thank you again!"