Reece’s Journey:

Before joining Bianco Academy for his training, Reece was a successful barber looking to train in Scalp Micropigmentation as an additional offering to his clients. After speaking to the team initially about Scalp Micropigmentation and Laser Tattoo Removal, Reece secured his space on our training course in February 2022.

The Training:

Reece joined Bianco Academy for the start of his training at our entry-level course, Level 3 and 4 Anatomy & Physiology, before continuing immediately on to his Level 4 Core of Knowledge training which is essential in advance of any laser training.

He then went straight to his Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal classroom-based training before carrying out his practical work on models to complete his certification. Used to working with clients, Reece was very comfortable and confident in treating his models, who were delighted with the experience, and he successfully achieved his CPD-accredited Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal certificate. Keen to progress his learning, Reece joined the Milton Keynes Academy team again a month later to carry out his Scalp Micropigmentation training. Here, he worked on a 1-1 basis with our trainer for the theory element before continuing to carry out the treatment on models while being closely supervised by his trainer to complete his certification.

Going The Extra Mile:

Reece was so delighted with his training experience at Bianco Academy that he continued to extend his learning and attended our Level 4 Skin Rejuvenation Training (including microneedling and IPL) and Level 4 Hair Removal, as well as enrol a new team member for training.

All of the courses consist of classroom-based theory training followed by case study work which is closely supervised, and guidance is given to ensure successful completion before the CPD-accredited certifications are issued.

Reece has been a very regular face at the Academy, and it’s been a pleasure that he chose Bianco for his training requirements. We know we will stay in touch, and Bianco Academy will continue to be a part of Reece’s journey, offering support as he continues his path to a successful beauty clinic of his own.

If you are looking to make changes to your career like Reece, why not get in touch with our friendly team today to begin your training journey?

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Reece’s Feedback

"I’d like to say how amazing Bianco Academy is! They’ve helped me achieve so much more than I have ever thought I would achieve. I went there at the start just to do Scalp Micropigmentation training, which led to doing tattoo removal, hair removal, IPL laser skin rejuvenation, micro-needling and many more! I chose to include more and do more training because of the support and passion that Bartek has to help people, not only throughout the training but after; that’s why I chose to take the risk and include many more treatments immediately into my clinic. I knew how much support I had from the Bianco team after, and helping to guide me in the right direction to make sure I could achieve amazing results and become a great business quickly rather than having to build something by myself. Having the support from Bianco and them guiding me in the right direction is just amazing!"

"Thank you so much; I couldn’t have chosen a better Academy to do all my training with! I’m glad I chose you guys because there are a lot of training academies that you go in, you pay your money, you do your training, and you’ll leave with your certificate, and then you’re on your own – but this is different with Bianco because they’re with you, the whole time, every step of the way in guiding you to make sure everything is done perfectly to get the best out of your business. Thank you."