Trainee Details

  • Name: Tatjana Bhangoo

About Our Student:

Tatjana was looking for a training provider who she could work with to train and qualify in semi-permanent make-up after deciding that she would like a change of career, which would provide the flexibility she required to work around her family commitments.

After discussing her requirements and how we could create a course based on her needs, Tatjana selected a six-day course over three weeks. This provided two days of intense training a week, allowing time in between to digest her learning and honour other commitments.

About The Training:

The course kicked off with Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology with our trainer Loraine, which was an intense session shared with one other student. Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology is the entry course for most students and provides a strong foundation for the next topics.

eyebrow training
lips training

The second day was the start of the semi-permanent make-up training, which we held on a 1-1 basis with Ewelina, our multi-award-winning Semi-Permanent Make-Up Specialist. During this day, theory specifically relating to semi-permanent make-up was covered and Tatjana received her machine. She was then able to undertake familiarisation training for it and began practising her technique on ‘fake skin’.

The start of the second week kicked off with Ewelina creating eyebrows for one of our models, explaining each step to Tatjana. Tatjana was able to watch closely and relate the procedure with the theory and practise she had learnt earlier. Later that day, Tatjana created eyebrows for her own model, under the guidance and supervision of Ewelina.

Day 4 was a similar format, this time working on both upper and lower eyeliner. Day 5 began with another set of beautiful brows by Tatjana and a delighted model. The team usually enjoy a celebratory lunch out on the last day, but we knew that day six was going to be a long and intense one. Therefore, we went out on day five and enjoyed a delicious lunch, having a relaxing time together before returning to allow Tatjana to work on her final set of lower eyeliner.

Before we knew it, the course was coming to its final day with two models for semi-permanent make-up on lips. Again the first model was worked on by Ewelina and shadowed by Tatjana, with Tatjana creating the semi-permanent make-up on lips for the second model, closely supervised by Ewelina.

During her six days with Bianco, Tatjana had intense training and opportunities to work on many different skin types, tones and textures which will give her the confidence moving forward. Tatjana was a perfect student; she came armed with many questions, was incredibly focussed and continued to be very interactive throughout the course, ensuring she had a thorough understanding of all of the areas.

We are looking forward to seeing Tatjana in the new year, when she comes to spend the day with us to create semi-permanent make-up, under Ewelina’s watchful eye. We are confident that Tatjana will be exceptional in her new career and wish her every success.

Student Feedback

"This course was absolutely amazing. I have learnt so much, and everyone was so kind and friendly. I recommend this so much to anyone who wants to perfect Semi-Permanent Make-up!"