Course Requirements

In order to book onto the Level 4 Laser Hair Removal course, you will need to be up to a Level 3 standard and have completed the Level 4 Core of Knowledge Training. Our three-day course covers all theory and practical training for Level 4 Laser Hair Removal so that you leave feeling confident and knowledgeable in your new skill.

Understanding The Theory

Each aspect of theory training will involve a diagram along with a detailed description to further your understanding. You will be talked through the following:

  • The hair cycle
  • The factors that impact hair growth
  • How pulses of light limit regrowth
  • Mechanisms involved in equipment
  • The anatomy of skin tissue
  • Understanding wavelengths

Laser Hair Removal Methods and Procedures

During training, you will understand how to guide clients through their laser hair removal journey, from start to finish. Remaining compliant with all legislation, standards, and guidelines is vital for running a successful business. One particularly important aspect you will gain an understanding of is the safety precautions and protection measures that must be active before offering the new treatment, including how to prepare both your clinic and treatment rooms.

Any treatment involving technical equipment produces a host of potential hazards no matter how advanced the technology in use is, particularly when a laser is involved. Through training, you will begin to understand the consequences of accidental exposure and how to avoid any potential risks. This includes how to perform an initial risk assessment and what telltale signs to keep an eye out for during the procedure.

Client Consultations

All questions that you will need to ask your clients, and consultation techniques will be provided to you, along with supporting documentation that they may need to fill in before having any treatment. This will include consent forms that you’ll need to obtain, in order to use any photos legally.

As well as this, you will be trained to know how to fully prepare for any unexpected side effects and the different possible reactions a client may experience. It is your job to remain calm, act efficiently and decide on a resolution quickly, all of which will be covered during training.

Laser Hair Removal Course Outcome

As part of your training course, we will provide a range of clients for you to treat under one-to-one mentorship on your final day of practical. Each client will have a different situation or requirement, allowing you to create documented evidence that you’ve completed the necessary case studies. Only when these case studies are completed will you achieve full CPD certification.

New Opportunities

Laser hair removal training will help you to understand the different types of equipment available for your business, along with their benefits and drawbacks. As professional laser consultants, Bianco Academy can provide your clinic with all equipment, accessories and machinery discussed on the course, such as the Diode and Alexandrite lasers.

Bianco Academy can then also provide you with an IPL consultant to ensure that all of your machines are in good working order and fully compliant. We can also visit your clinic further down the line when you are all set up and provide any refresher training for an additional cost.

Why Choose Bianco Academy

Making sure that everyone wishing to gain full qualifications in beauty treatments, the Bianco Academy offers extra care, development and knowledge to enhance students positions to help them grow.

Free Accommodation

Bianco Academy will provide up to 2 nights’ accommodation free of charge, when booking a 3 day course.

Course Information

You will receive a memory stick containing all course information, for you to look back on.

Upcoming Training Programmes

Bianco Academy runs courses on a regular basis. Please contact Bianco Academy (email:[email protected]) for further details.

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Laser Hair RemovalFor details on course availability, please contact us.

Loved My Training!

"I absolutely loved taking my laser hair removal training course with Bianco. The team work hard to make sure that every step of the process is enjoyable and are always happy to answer as many questions that you may have. I cannot wait to go back in a few months to learn about laser tattoo removal! "