Course Requirements

To start the Level 4 Semi-permanent Makeup training, you must be up to a Level 3 standard. Bianco Academy runs a 1-day Level 3 & 4 Anatomy and Physiology training course, which you can book before your Semi-Permanent Makeup course in Milton Keynes if needed. Please look at the Level 3 training page for available course dates.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Training with Bianco Academy

Our level 4 Semi-permanent Makeup beginners course is run by our award-winning artist and qualified trainer Ewelina Wysocka. The course is designed to allow you to begin creating beautiful semi-permanent makeup immediately after qualifying. All you will need to do is complete case studies to show off your new skill; you will then be provided with the final certification to pursue your career in semi-permanent makeup. Please note case studies will need to be completed in your own time within 3 months of the training date.

All courses will involve both theory and hands-on training. This will range from the basics, hygiene, machine use, consultations, patch testing, design, procedures, colour correction, right through to how to capture the best images of the ‘before and after’. The semi-permanent makeup courses available at our academy are the following:



The course will be a 3 day course and will cover 1 day of theory, followed by 2 days of hands-on training. The course is £1899 and to secure the course we would ask for a non-refundable deposit of £899.

Eyebrows and Lips

Eyebrows and Lips

The course will be a 4 day course and will cover 1 day of theory, followed by 3 days of hands-on training. The course is £2899 and to secure the course we would ask for a non-refundable deposit of £899.

Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner

Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner

The course will be a 5 day course and will cover 1 day of theory, followed by 4 days of hands-on training. The course is £3899 and to secure the course we would ask for a non-refundable deposit of £899.

The History Behind Semi-Permanent Makeup

The initial step towards gaining your level 4 certification in semi-permanent makeup is to understand the history behind pigmentation, how it is developed and how pigments have evolved over the years.

During your career as a semi-permanent makeup artist, you will treat many clients with different requirements; it is vital to have the ability to provide the client with their desired result. During training, we’ll teach you the colour theory aspect, including the different pigments you may have to work with, necessary when matching a shade to the exact tone of the client.

Hygiene and Safety

Failure to comply with hygiene and safety regulations stipulated for the administration of semi-permanent makeup could result in fines and or business closure.

Our trainers will ensure you are well versed in infection control procedures and teach you the importance of integrating waste segregation within your clinic. This will ensure that equipment disposal, including needles, is safe and professional.

Client Consultations

Before attempting to start semi-permanent makeup treatment, you must perform an initial, in-depth client consultation.

During training Bianco Academy will:

  • Ensure you understand all contraindications that must be considered pre-treatment
  • Equip you with a list of questions you are required to ask your client during the consultation
  • Provide you with the supporting documents and forms your future clients will need to complete
  • Cover the importance of pain management and how different individuals will react to pain
  • Arm you with the skills and confidence to take a professional and medical approach to pain control discipline, including non-medicinal ways to calm stressed clients
  • Tutor you on how to prepare your treatment room, yourself as the practitioner, and clients, ahead of the application of pigments

Classes, Pricing & Course Outcome

Our Semi-Permanent Makeup training courses are delivered on a one-to-one basis, and as they are bespoke, we can usually work out dates to suit your needs. Working with just one student at a time allows you to set the learning pace, gain an in-depth understanding of the theory and get the most out of your practical sessions.

Ewelina will work with live models, performing treatment on each area covered in your course. You will then complete eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips (depending on which course you select) on practise pads before moving on to the individual live models that we’ll provide.

Once your training course is complete, we’ll provide you with specialist fake skin and request that you complete 4 sets of each area/s covered in your training (eyebrows, eyeliner, and or lips). Once complete, we’ll invite you to return to Bianco Academy in Milton Keynes for a half-day session. Ewelina will review what you’ve created on the fake skin, run through any post-course questions you may have, and award you your CPD certification.

New Opportunities

The support won’t stop when the course finishes; we are happy for you to contact us as and when needed if you have any questions at all relating to items covered during the training.

A semi-permanent makeup machine is included in the course price, and we’ll train you in its use during your course.

Why Choose Bianco Academy

With a range of programmes and training available, you can develop your skills as well as making new relationships through academy experiences. Our professional team are always at hand to help lead the way.

Live Models Provided

You will have the opportunity to carry out treatments on live models to gain documented evidence.

Course Information

A memory stick will be given to each student, which will contain all course information for you to take away.

Upcoming Training Programmes

Bianco Academy runs courses on a weekly basis. Please contact Bianco Academy (email:[email protected]) for further details.

Professional And Fun!

"I had so much fun training at the academy and made so many good friends while on my course. I now have the qualifications that I needed to start up my own beauty business, and I couldn’t thank the team enough. Not only do I have the skills, but I also now have the confidence to provide treatments to a professional standard. "