Training Terms and Conditions

Bianco Academy Training Terms and Conditions


  • These Terms and Conditions will apply to the purchase of the services and goods by you (the Customer).
  • These are the terms on which we sell all Services to you. By ordering any of the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


  • Student means an individual acting for purposes which are wholly or mainly outside his or her trade, business, craft or possession.
  • Contract means the legally-binding agreement between you and us for the supply of the services.
  • Delivery Location means the Bianco Beauty premises or other location where the Services are to be supplied, as set out in the Order.
  • Academy means Bianco Beauty Treatments & Academy, the provider of the training packages and owner of delivery location.
  • Trainer means the third-party company trainer hired by the Academy from their chosen Trainer provider or provided from within the academy.
  • Services means the Training courses provided to receive certification of qualification.
  • Website means the registered domain

Fees, Enrolment & Refunds

  • To enrol on a course a deposit must be paid to reserve your space. Please refer to the table below for deposit amounts. This can be done by contacting Bianco Treatments & Academy on 01908 803830 or emailing [email protected].
  • The enrolment will not be completed until the full course amount is paid before the start date of the chosen training qualification.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and will be credited against the full cost of the course fee.
  • Upon notification of the commencement date, no variation in the course date will be permitted without full payment of any outstanding balance and at least one month’s written notice is received by the administrator, who receives the right to change and confirm another date.
  • A student is accepted for enrolment on the subject that they attend on the date (the commencement date) and at the time specified with the Academy.
  • If you want to reschedule your appointment 48 hours before it is booked you will not be charged for the change in appointment.
  • If you want to reschedule your appointment, within the 48 hours, we will cancel the appointment and you will have to pay a deposit of £50 or a new appointment.
  • Fees are not refundable if the course is interrupted or cancelled through an act of God or another unforeseen incident.
  • We accept cash as payment for the treatments and procedures.
  • Students will not be accepted on to the training course if the full payment has not been made.
  • Course fees, deposits and all other payments are non-transferable.


  • We accept all credit and debit cards apart from American Express.
  • We accept cash as payment for the treatments and procedures.
  • All payments are non-refundable once the Service has been completed.
  • You must purchase the course(s) by paying the appropriate fees as set out in the agreement with the Academy.

Cancellations and Rescheduling of Training

  • If a situation occurs where you need to cancel your enrolment on a training course, we require at least 30 days’ notice, for you to receive a full refund, not including the deposit which will be forfeited.
  • If a situation occurs and you need to cancel your place on the course with less than 14 days until your training commencement date you will not be refunded, and no monies will be returned to yourself.
  • If you are unable to attend the course but inform us, 14 days before the course commencement date, that you would like to reschedule the training for the next available course dates, we will be able to transfer the paid amount to the new course date.
  • If you are unable to attend the course and inform us of rescheduling to the next available course date, less than two weeks before the commencement date you will not be refunded for monies paid for the course and you will need to rebook to the new scheduled date as a new student.
  • On Occasion, there may be unforeseen circumstances that require us to cancel a course. In such situations, you will be given as much notice as possible and either a transfer to another course date or a full refund of training course fees.

Code of Conduct

  • The minimum age of a student is 18 years of age.
  • The Academy students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. All students are expected to co-operate and work in harmony with other students and trainers.
  • If a student becomes persistently disruptive we reserve the right to ask the attendee to leave the course and delivery location.
  • Non-attendance due to illness, personal reasons will not provide a refund, extra tuition or the automatic transfer of the course to next available date. The Academy will consider all the circumstances and take consideration and action that is fair and reasonable at the time for all parties.
  • If you fail to attend a course day without a reasonable circumstance this will result in the rest of the course being cancelled.
  • If you leave the course during course hours for any reason without informing the Academy you will be immediately taken off the course.

Materials and Equipment

  • All materials will be provided by the Academy.
  • The cost of the materials is covered by the full amount of the course fees.


  • Certificates will be administered and given to the student once the course has been completed.
  • If you require a replacement certificate, students must contact the Academy via phone 01908 803830 or email [email protected] to request a new certificate. There will be a charge of £25 per copy of the certificate.

Portfolios for Social Media – Photos and Uploads

  • All images from the training can be used on social media platforms and we encourage students to do so.
  • Please tag Bianco Treatments & Academy to the post so that we can share in the promotion and interact with your posts.


  • The Contract (including any non-contractual matters) is governed by the law of England and Wales.
  • Any complaints or disputes can be made by calling 01908 803830 or emailing [email protected]
  • We will process, investigate and resolve the dispute in a timely manner, this can take up to 30 days to complete.

Privacy and Data Protection

  • We take privacy very seriously and it is critical that your privacy is respected, and data protected. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation regarding your personal information.
  • For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions:
  • ‘Data protection Laws’ means any applicable law relating to the processing of Personal Data, including, but not limited to the Directive 95/46/EC or the GDPR.
  • ‘GDPR’ means the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/2017

Final Conditions

  • We may from time to time amend these Terms to ensure that we remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations or to keep up to date with improvements or changes we might make to the services and experiences we can offer to you via the Website.